Friday, October 11, 2013

Nursery Transformation Part II

The last serious project prior to decorating was refinishing a piece of furniture for the nursery. It is a chest of drawers that Jared's great grandma passed on that he used growing up and we thought it would be appropriate to use it for our little guy. However, it needed A LOT of work. Sanding, restaining, and new hardware to say the least. But after many hours of labor it is looking almost new.


Some serious water damage from over the years


The stain wonderfully covered the water damage-you can't even tell it's there!

Lastly was the theme of the nursery. I had seen some really fun cool ideas from Pinterest that involved triangles, and since a geometric shape is pretty darn gender neutral but could still be something fun to play around I convinced Jared to go along with my crazy/fun ideas. I wanted one focal wall but Jared called nix on that idea since we had just spent two weeks painting the nursery, so I had to improvise. I instead decided to go get paint color papers from Lowe's and make some wall art instead. Nothing permanent or damaging.

Then I made our little mister's baby quilt out of triangles which I specifically made twin sized so he can use it as he grows up. I also will be making the bed skirt but so far incredibly happy with how his bedding turned out.

 From beginning laying out...

Sewn together front...

 All finished!

Here's the basically finished nursery. We have some small things still to get like a crib mobile, extra sheets, and a bouncer but he's basically set!

Crib+bookshelf. I want to have that bookshelf full of great books for him!

The laundry area+where all his clothes will be stored

At this point we're pretty much ready with the big stuff all we need is a little baby to come fill it-but not for another four weeks at least! It's definitely beginning to become more real and I'm getting more and more excited!


Jamie said...

Looks great! I'm still working on my baby's room and she's almost a year old. Geeze.

ToriRose said...

I love it!! Makes me want to re-do Lukes nursery all over again!