Monday, October 07, 2013

31 Weeks


Weeks Left: 9

Stretch Marks: nada, which I'm very grateful for

Sleep: getting harder and harder. I wake up each time I turn over because it takes so much effort, I wake up if I'm laying on my back, and I wake up to go pee at least once during the night. But so far that's been my only real negative in this pregnancy and I'm grateful for it!

Heartburn: has definitely started to get worse, but can be controlled with a glass of milk in the AM and one in the PM, which is why I'm going through a gallon of milk a week-by myself. The funny thing is that spicy things don't irritate it as much as things that are cheesy and high in carbs. Like pizza. 

Cravings: my cravings have gotten incredibly unhealthy. Only fast food sounds good (Artic Circle in particular) which is really irregular because I normally HATE fast food places. Corn dogs, chicken fingers, pizza, and good thick fries along with fry sauce are incredibly tempting to me, which isn't what I want because I only want to gain so much weight during this pregnancy. So I'm trying to find alternative options that are more healthy.

Weight Gain: I'm up 20 lbs. which I'm sure my OB will be happy for but I'm not particularly. Another reason why I've starting watching what I'm eating more carefully because I don't want to gain more than 30lbs. total.

Clothing: I am beginning to be unable to fit into ANY of my pants or jeans (little man is laying really low). My every single day pants are leggings which I'm sorry, I know they're not technically pants but they comfy and dang it I'll wear what I want. I only have two pair and so I am currently washing them every week and definitely need to get a couple more pair.

Daddy: is probably more emotionally ready for this than mommy. But that's also because daddy works graveyards and won't be getting up with baby except on weekends. Mommy likes her sleep and is worried about loosing so much of it. However we are both very excited to welcome little one when he's ready! Only six more weeks until he's free to come anytime!!!

Love our little family!

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Katie Edminster said...

I can't wait to hear how your pups adjust to a baby.