Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So Jared went to Africa...

I'm not going to lie, it's been a rough week and a half at our house with Daddy gone. Adi understands what it means when suitcases come out, so when Jared started to pack she immediately started to get moopy and solemn looking while Jared was packing the day before he left. Aspen however didn't quite understand and was really upset and confused when we dropped Daddy off at the airport at 5am that morning, and started whining as she watched him walk away.

When we got home she sat and watched the bedroom door, waiting patiently for Daddy to come home. After a day or two she started understanding that Daddy wasn't coming home right away, and she stopped watching for him as fervently after I came home from work. However, every time the neighbor's car door was slammed shut or they thought they heard somebody outside they would run to the door with their tails wagging, waiting for daddy. It was heartbreaking to have to call them back because they didn't understand it wasn't daddy. 

Aspen being an adorable snuggle pup, both were rather clinging with daddy gone. Once he's back I'll be chopped liver compared to daddy.

With unattended pillows laying around Adi did her duty of protecting them wonderfully

It was really tender to watch and know how much they love Daddy, I know our little man will love him and miss him just as much when he goes away. I myself have coped with lots of chocolate ice cream and Netflix movies especially on my days off. And I may have cried a couple times...or a couple ten or so times. Being so far away from my sweetie isn't easy. I will be glad when he is home tomorrow morning bright and early!!!

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Jamie said...

Aspen looks SO SAD! poor pups.