Saturday, January 04, 2014

Letter to Hilton: 3 weeks

I can't believe my sweet little baby boy is already three weeks old! Time is going so fast.



Changes from last week include that you are being a bit more fussy than normal. I think you are definitely going through a growth spurt, and a bit of colic at the same time. You wiggle and writhe with the cutest facial expressions as you stretch your arms and legs every which way as if trying to get each body part longer. It's just to cute.



You have also decided that you like being swaddled again, I think it helps keep you from startling yourself awake as you try and stretch in your sleep. Oh and you are reverting back to insisting on being held to fall asleep. You make whimpers and little squeaks in your sleep, which I love but it scares your daddy sometimes because he thinks it means your waking up. It doesn't though, you slumber on just fine.

You are definitely becoming more alert in the daytime, you love looking at lights and showing all your facial expressions when you're being held by mom or dad. You have the most expressive forehead already its to entertaining to watch. You are doing amazing at tummy time, you can already lift and turn your head and raise up into a superman poise really well. Even though you're the spitting image of daddy, you have quite a couple of my tendencies. You squeeze your fist with your thumb tucked under your index finger just like mommy did when she was a baby, and you have a bad habit of holding your breath when you fart so your face gets all red.


You've started being able to lift up your own bottle, and have an incredibly strong grip on moms fingers when you're eating. You're a hungry boy already weighing in at 9 lbs 10 oz. which is almost two pounds more than when your birth weight was! You eat about every three hours which is just enough time in the night that mommy can actually get some sleep and not be a total zombie the next day. Normally 11, 2, and 5 are your wake up times, with seven being your I'm up and not going back to bed for a while time. Mom wishes you'd make this more like nine am instead.


You're changing so fast little one, and we have really loved watching you change and grow already. We love you so much little man, I can't wait to see how you change this next week.

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