Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Five Necessary Baby Items

that I couldn't live without. Now that little man is six months old we have successfully used all the baby paraphernalia and I've made a list of what we couldn't survive without and what we use on a daily basis.

1. a baby carrier-doesn't matter what brand but get one! I was so confined to the bedroom or nursery when he was first home because I didn't want to leave him but was unable to get things done easily as well. The house fell into serious disrepair and worse yet I was bored out of my mind half the time. Once I got a baby carrier and found one that Hilton liked, the chores were able to get done and I felt comfortable taking him out even if it was just to the backyard to play with the dogs.

2. Aden and Anais swaddlers. L.O.V.E. They were amazing once we figured out how he liked to be swaddled which helped him develop a sleep pattern. Now that we're no longer swaddling they are a perfect blanket to have him lay on at church or cuddle up with for a nap. Not bulky so it fits into my diaper bag wonderfully and nothing that's going to keep him too hot at night. Definite must buy!

3. burp clothes. We live and die by these. He's in that spitting up phase (4-8 months typical peak at 6 months) so we easily use four or so at church alone. Whatever brand you prefer, I love carter's only because they absorb a lot and they stay in place when you put them on your shoulder. Plus they come in cute patterns! Buy some for the diaper bag, the car, and the nursery and buy lots! You will definitely use these a million times over.

4. teething rings. When he was loving his play mat we had these strung from one side to the other and criss crossing and he loved to grab onto them. It really helped with his hand eye coordination. Now that he no longer really uses the play mat we have them clumped in strings and have them attached to toys and he loves to suck on them. They're great entertainment for sure! We honestly use them everyday, and bonus they're disher machine safe so just put them in every once and a while to clean.

5. baby glider/swing. Honestly it was a splurge but so worth it. For the first four months this is where he slept. If I needed to get a shower I could put him down and he would nap for a good little while. He loved the music and often this was the only way to get him to sleep for long period of time when he was less than two months old. I wouldn't say you have to get a swing but a bouncer or something to entertain them but keep them safe. This had a five point harness which he couldn't wiggle out of so I felt safe setting him in it.

 These are all things we use on a daily basis. There a many other things I could add to the list particularly the best baby socks you will ever find which are called Growing Socks. Only thing brand we found that stay on his feet despite his best efforts (and sometimes ours) to take them off!

One thing is for sure, there is lots and lots of baby paraphernalia that you can fill your home with, but when you live in a smaller home or in restricted space you have to choose wisely. All of these things you would use time and again!

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