Saturday, October 04, 2014

Your Ninth Month

You are definitely and officially on the move little man! You can get from the nursery to the kitchen crawling faster than I can walking. Needless to say you are definitely getting into things faster than mommy can steer you away or remove them from your reach. We have started to truly baby-proof especially as you have started to find cupboards and become curious about what is behind those doors. You are starting to truly express multiple emotions and know when people are doting on you and you become a huge cheeser. You are walking along furniture and learned to crawl into people's laps.

You have finally slowed down on length growth but put on some weight, you are now only in the 80% for height and 59% for weight. I have a feeling you'll slim down again once you're walking. You have officially transitioned into your convertible carseat as we are already having to move the straps higher and take out some of the additional padding. We're now completely into 18 month clothing but they're just a tiny bit loose which is fine for me if they last you for more than two months time.

You still only have two teeth, and I'm really hoping that you break some very soon. You are able to self feed really well now, spaghetti o's, mac and cheese, toast, goldfish, graham crackers (these are your favorite). We've really basically stopped feeding him pureed food but have started introducing drinks other than water and formula like rice milk or almond milk. He seems to like them but definitely thinks they're weird. They're extremely sweet compared to his formula so it will be an interesting transition at one year to cows milk instead of formula. And I'm really looking forward to no longer having to pay for formula!

You are still sleeping through the night like a champ but we are REALLY struggling with naps of late. You get a measly half hour to forty five minute nap in the morning and then a super long two hour nap in the afternoon's. I don't quite know what to do to get them figured out but I think we're progressing to only one long nap in the day. You have all of a sudden started hating bath time, I can't tell if it's because you are bored with the toys in your bathtub or if you are just more interested in what is going on outside the tub but you try to climb out about five minutes about I put you in and then you are ice cold and freezing because you won't sit down.

Of late you love crawling up to the piano and patting on the keys, and anything with wheels. Needless to say almost every single one of your Christmas toys involves wheels of some kind. Well, besides that books that is. Happy nine months little man!

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