Monday, October 13, 2014

Your Tenth Month

You're still not walking but crawling like crazy all over the place and definitely starting to get into things you shouldn't like my tupperware cupboard, pulling out the outlet plugs, and playing in the dogs bowls. I had to actually remove the dogs water bowls from the kitchen because you decided you would play in it and tip it over and I think I actually saw you try to drink out of it. Super gross! You have developed some new facial expression, your scowling face and your flirting has really gone up a notch or two. You flirted with the cutting lady at Joann's the other day and it was so cute because you went between flirting and being grumpy about it being nap time.

You caught up again on length and weight and are back to the 90% for height again. You're still fitting into eighteen month clothing but I don't think you'll fit into them too much longer. We actually started to switch you over to cow's milk from formula because the doctor said you're big enough and I'm tired of paying so much on formula. So far you're doing great and are almost all the way switched over but still get constipated and uncomfortable so we're taking it slow.

You still only have two teeth, I'm kind of worried about when you will have more come in. But all in good time. We are still broadening your horizons as far as self feeding is going. You've had mashed potatoes, whole carrots that have been cooked, corn (you hated it), and a variety of crackers and other things. We stopped giving you almond or rice milk because you didn't really like them at all so it seemed pointless. I think they were just too sweet for you.

Your sleeping schedule has definitely improved, still sleeping through the night and your naps are almost always right on an hour and a half twice a day. Mom definitely looks forward to this time because it means a break and chance to do extra housework I can't normally do when you're awake (like unload the dishwasher because you climb on top of the door).

This entire month you have been sick unfortunately. You got your first serious illness of a double pink eye infection since the hospital visit in January. Thank goodness it was bacterial and you could use antibiotics to help get rid of it so that didn't last long but you also had a cold basically the entire month so it was kind of a rough one for you unfortuantely. Here's to hoping no more sickness comes to our house!

Love you sweet Hilton

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