Monday, October 03, 2016

Graham Robert: 2 Months

Our sweet little munchkin is two months old now. Time is going so fast I don't want this period to be over. I love having an infant discovering the world, but there's just something about a newborn with their sweet cuddles and smells. I love the newborn breath and sweet first coos. Graham has been an incredibly perfect newborn as he has only woken up 1-2 in the nights since birth and I hope that continues especially once I'm back to work. Graham is starting to have issues with naps, we fight almost every nap to have him sleep longer than 30-45 minutes. But he's just so inquisitive about the world and wants to be part of the action! He is growing like crazy which is also bittersweet because my little newborn isn't so little anymore!

Currently Graham:

  • Weighs 12.5 lbs (double his birth weight almost!)
  • Wearing 3 month size clothes
  • In size 2 diapers
  • Eats about 3-3.5 oz. every 2 hours
  • Still waking up at either 2 and 5, or just once at 3
  • Is starting to 'talk'
  • Loves to be tickled
  • Loves his baths
  • Has some eczema that's easily fixed with lotion
  • Has lost some hair on the sides and top but the back still has a lot
  • Likes his carseat now, still hates tummy time

And just to show the size difference between my boys - neither of which were happy about this photo...

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