Monday, October 24, 2016

Cornbelly's 2016

Guys, this is the first year we have gone to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving point and I'm telling you, it is WELL worth the money. It's a little expensive for adults to get in but there are so many fun activities for little kids and since it's only once a year we decided to go for it.
The biggest reason why we went this year was they had a special Saturday where John Deere supplied all kinds of new tractors for the kids to climb on and play. Hilton is OBSESSED with 'monsters' (machines) as he calls them and 'tactors' (tractors), so I knew this would be such a dream come true for him. He was a little sad he couldn't turn them on and drive them home but when I explained they were 'out of gas' or 'broken' he proudly exclaimed that we should go get some gas or he was going to fix them so they could get better. It was the most precious thing, I love this little man. He is so entranced with everything that goes so this was a blast for him. 


They also had tons of fun activities that we wouldn't normally do anywhere else which was great. Hilton tried his muscle at the bell thingy (what is it's real name?!)

And proved how nimble he was at the duck racing which was so fun

And of course we had to get a picture with the ginormous pumpkin. I'm sure every kid wanted to take it home with them like Hilton but we explained that it wouldn't fit in the car and daddy couldn't carry it and he decided his demands weren't possible

The one thing I don't have a photo of that Hilton insisted on doing THREE times was going down the big slide on the cloth sacks. He squealed the entire way down which was so fun. I'll see if I can find a photo and add it.
Cornbelly's, we'll be back next year!

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