Sunday, December 18, 2016

Birthday Boy: Hilton turned THREE!

Hilton turned three! How is this possible?! My sweet precocious first born is officially into his toddlerhood and boy is he showing it. The threenager period hit early for Hilton so we've been battling that for a while now. He is so smart for his age and such a loving sweet little guy who is curious and just wants to be involved in everything. Which can be so frustrating as it involves breaking things that he wants to look at on accident and making messes all over the house. We love him so much though and hope that his 'listening to mom' will get better with time...right. Anyways, we started off his birthday week month with a fun dinner with the Smith gang. He loves playing with his cousins Isis and Aiden and they were so great to come and sing happy birthday to him at our sunday dinner. He helped make his requested 'banilla (vanilla) cake with sprinkles' that he decorated himself! 
His first ever friend birthday party went great! We did a movie with lunch at our house and it was perfect and low-key and just a fun play-date with friends which was just what he wanted. He requested to watch Elsa (Frozen) for his party which was perfect to fit the snowy weather outside. His little friends that were able to come were (left to right) Anna, Riley, Hilton, Beck, and Caleb. We did pizza and glowsticks as party favors and everyone had a great time. Hilton talked about it for weeks afterwards so I know he enjoyed himself. We love all our little friends!


Blowing out his candles on his ice-cream 'cake'. I already made two cakes to celebrate his birthday so I decided that since kids all like ice cream to make it easy and just be simple in my 'cake' for this party.


Grandma and Grandpa Mills spoiled him with dominoes and a Sesame Street alphabet puzzle. We also did cake at Grandma and Grandpa's but I can't find the picture so just know we had lots of cake this week!

Hilton was so excited to take sugar cookies to Preschool to celebrate his birthday. He helped 'decorate' them with sprinkles as well and even got sung to again at Preschool.

My birthday boy on his birthday morning woke up to a decorate doorway and a room filled with balloons. He was so excited to see the balloons and streamers so I think this will be a birthday tradition for years to come.

 Not pictured was his birthday treat with mom and dad going to see Disney's new Moana in the movie theater. We had a great time and he loved the movie and all the yummy popcorn. Such a great birthday, I think he felt it was really special and separate from Christmas celebrations which is really important to me. I want him to know how special he is and I think we made sure everything was special. He's already talking about his birthday next year. Happy Birthday my three year old! Stop growing up!

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