Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hilton Says #2

So I had to document some of the cute things Hilton has said of late, it's so fun having such a precocious toddler who sees the world so differently then we do!

On of the main roads we drive on almost every day was having the sewer line replaced so it was all ripped up in the middle so they could replace the pipes. Hilton say it and said, 'Mommy, the street is broken...let's get it a bandaid'.

On our neighborhood walks to wear him out before bed we go past our neighbor's house who has this adorable little wooden dog on their front lawn. Hilton always has to stop and 'pet it'. He even likes to give it hugs and tells it, 'I'll see you later doggy'.

Hilton loves having his picture taken and whenever I say, 'Hilton smile' he automatically responds with the biggest 'Cheese!' for me which I love. I hope he never outgrows wanting to have his photos taken!

We went to visit Wheeler farm right before I went back to work and Hilton made friends with the chickens. He was OBSESSED with them. I had to tear him away from their pen after 30 minutes of watching them. I think it's safe to say we might be getting some chickens this next summer.

Hilton loves to harass play with the dogs and throw Aspen's tennis ball for her. He also helpfully hides them for me in the laundry basket which I find every week I sort the laundry when I'm getting ready to wash it. Usually I find anywhere from 8-10 balls in there.

One of Hilton's favorite activities to do is to go the Station Park in Farmington and see the 'mountains' (fountains). We're working on it with him but his cute little lisp is endearing and I know he'll grow out of it sooner or later so I enjoy quizzing him on how to say things. Below is his alligator drink which he kept calling his 'elevator' drink.

Seeing the 'mountains' at City Creek Mall. He loves to see them and their light/water shows they do every hour.

Hilton HATES wearing hats of any kind but Jared couldn't resist buying him this hat. I got him to wear it by bribing him with three starburst's. What that kid won't do for a starburst! It's the only way I get him to get in his carseat without a fight.
Sure love this little man of mine, three has so far proven to be really hard and I'm already wishing he was two again since he was infinitely easier to compromise with but we're trying to find a happy medium so that mom gets some cooperation and Hilton gets to do fun things still. 

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