Tuesday, April 06, 2010

April showers...bring finals

Finals are one week away, which is absolutely insane to think about. But I am so glad they are here! That means only two weeks until I get to move home, spend a couple wonderful months with my parents, and then marry my absolute best friend!

This past weekend brought lots of new dining experiences for me and Jer. Friday we went to Pizza Factory in Provo following his mission reunion.

Crazy cool bread sticks and some yummy pizza was enough for us. We enjoyed it, but probably won't rush back.

Saturday was the Vinto, a cute posh retro italian restaurant I'd heard about from a friend.

Jared didn't fully enjoy it, mainly because of the noise and people around us (you can tell he's unhappy in this picture)

However, I completely enjoyed myself because of the Italian soda (my favorite drink) with hazelnut and vanilla, and then my really good pizza.

(surprisingly, the burned part added to the taste making the texture more authentic and less generic)

Overall it was refreshing to go to a new restaurant, but we probably won't go back there either. It was a fun weekend, and moreover I was extremely happy to spend a weekend out of the house with Jer where we were out trying new things even though we didn't enjoy them. What can I say, we're creatures of habit. Hopefully we'll be breaking out of those habits though, and getting outdoors more often. Jared has expressed an interest in more outdoor activities and I completely agree. Hence we are planning a hike for this next Saturday!

Moreover I appreciated conference weekend, and Easter that I got to spend with Jared. It was really nice to be able to relax and listen to the conference talks. I am however, extremely grateful that they are printed because me and Jer did fall asleep during the last session. Besides that we were golden.

I made Jer a little Easter basket to celebrate with his favorite candy and activities inside.

I absolutely love Easter, but even more I love the reminder at this time of year of all the has been sacrificed for me personally. Jer for constantly loving me and forgiving me for my shortcomings, and for helping me to remember what I can become. My mother, for constantly loving me and wanting to help me become better throughout my teen years and even now as I plan to get married. My father for teaching me independence and responsibility, and continuing to help me develop a tender heart toward everyone I meet. My friends for helping me through high school, and continuing to help me as I make life decisions. And my religion and love for the Savior, for humbling me and helping me to become a new person when I need it most. I'm so grateful for everything I have in my life, and cannot wait for new changes and new experiences.

Nothing worthwhile is easy, the key is remembering that in the face of your difficulties.

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