Sunday, November 07, 2010

Who knew?!

This weekend was a lot of fun, even though it wasn't long enough. Jer and I went to his really good friend Sergay's wedding on Saturday, which was very sweet for us. We long weddings because it reminds us of our own special day.

Look at that beautiful Bride. Doesn't she just look so happy? Reminds me of how I felt on our day. (:

Exchanging rings. Super happy!

And cutting the cake. Super yummy!

Afterwards we went out with Poppa Todd (Jer's dad), and Breck, Jarom, and Isis to....dun dun dun....Tepanyaki! It was our first time and we were definitely amazed and impressed. Not just by the show. 

P.s. if you go, get the noodles. Ah soooo good!!!!!! I kept stealing Jer's and he was getting slightly defensive cause I couldn't stop eating them!

Our chef was so good! He was CONSTANTLY in motion. That job would be so tiring! But so delicious!

Seriously, it was a hit! I loved our experience there. Its hard to get me to go to new places because I'm SUCH a creature of habit. I barely ever go try new restaurants or foods. Neither does Jer. We basically just stick with Cafe Rio and Costa Video and our Spicy Thai restaurant. Its a huge sign to me that we need to break out of our shells and try new places. Any SUGGESTIONS!? I'm all for some great comments  or ideas that are good and totally worth it. Who knew trying new things would be so much fun?!

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The Simmons Family said...

Yummy, We love that place too!!