Monday, November 29, 2010


A couple weeks ago I went to my second ever concert with one of my bff's Sasha. 

We went to see Sara Bareilles, and she was AMAZING!

She performed all of her popular songs, plus my favorites, including 'King of Anything', 'Bottle It Up', and 'Love Song'. Even though we had to wait FOREVER for her to perform, it was well worth it. The concert hall was sooo crowded, shoulder to shoulder and back to front. No elbow room. Which reminded me every minute we were there why I don't like concerts. Although I love seeing my favorite musicians in person, I get slightly claustrophobic. Anyone else have that issue?

However we were close to the front so the view was still great.

The girl behind me was singing off-tune (cough, cough)

Isn't she such a fun performer?! Sash and I were talking afterwards about how down to earth, fun, and spunky she was. Definitely made for an awesome concert!

And although I hadn't bought her new CD yet, I totally want it for Christmas. It's called Kaleidoscope hearts...and its rather inspirational. (:

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Bobowhee said...

Ohmigosh!! I was there toooooooo!!

It was epic.