Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Happy Birthday Honey

Today my man is the birthday boy! Twenty five years ago today he came in to this world a little over seven pounds (he guessed) and now he's my world.

Last friday my parents and I took him to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday dinner where we gave him his birthday gift (a new laptop), and they made him sit on the birthday saddle while everyone screamed 'Ye-HAW'!

Look at that dashing smile! He's all mine ladies

 Then today I surprised him with a very red decorated apartment, and his 
birthday cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy. 
I even sang a solo of Happy Birthday (completely on-tune of course).

I love my baby, and not only is my baby the Birthday Boy, but he's also
the newest employee of Ascend Recovery! That's right, he got the job!
Today is completely full of blessings for us (:

Happy Birthday Jared Hilton Smith! Love you!


Heather Cook said...

Melissa, those are the coolest candles! Where did you get them?

MJMSmith said...

just a party supply store. I don't know which one specifically