Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My Grandma is AMAZING

Most grandma's don't live into their 90's. I actually had a lot of people growing up being like..."You're grandma is in her 90's?!" Yes, yes I did. But guess what. That has only been surpassed by...NOW. Because my grandma is a Centurion. 100 years old! She was born Feb. 1 1911. Crazy huh?! She has seen some amazing things, and has just as many stories to prove it. She still remembers who I am, and she still has as much tease and sweetness as she did when she was younger.

The old genes definitely run on my mom's side of the family. My grandma actually had a sister that lived to 103. That to me, is so amazing. You have to wonder what secrets or things did they know that we don't? Was it growing up on a farm, being healthy and fit all their lives, eating unprocessed foods that did it? I guess we'll find out as we get older.

A shout out to my amazing grandma who has lived through so much, and is still fighting. I love you.

and p.s. my grandma is cooler then yours :)

I love my Helen Zbinden Buck.

[It's a little blurry cause it was taken via iphone but it still captures the moment]

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So cute! I love that picture of Grandma!!