Sunday, February 13, 2011


The answer is NO for those of you thinking this is a prego announcement. No, this is solely about planning and carrying out a surprise baby boy shower for my sis-in-law Breck. 

I made the invites and sent them out about two weeks ago. This shower was a alphabet shower, ex. B is for Bottle. It was a great idea because Breck got a lot of things that she really needed but wouldn't have necessarily gotten at a normal shower. I personally gave her a handmade (obviously) baby quilt. It was dashing if I do say so myself.

When she first drove up all 25 of us adult women were acting like teenage girls, giddy and excited to hide and jump out when she walked in. It was SO hard for me and Sherrie to sit on the couch, seemingly waiting for Breck to get there so we could have our 'girls craft day'. 

It was an extremely fun shower that I hope everyone enjoyed. I know I did! If I only I didn't have to work tonight so I could have gone with the sister and mother in laws for pedicures after.

Hope everyone had a lovely Saturday!


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Mr.s W said...

Yay Breck!! Glad the shower went well :)