Tuesday, October 25, 2011

deals and steals: Maxi Skirt

Remember how I said we stopped off at Nordstroms? Well, that wasn't completely an unplanned shopping trip.

I found this beauty online, and truthfully have been searching for an affordable cute maxi skirt that fits well for quite some time. So of course I was overjoyed after I got the hubs to agree to take me.

Imagine this in a heather gray and you'll fall in love. Perfect fall color to pair with bright, rich sweaters and chunky brown belts. Plus when the only other maxi skirts (the few) that I've been able to find are around $50, it made me feel like this was a COMPLETE steal at merely half of that.

Would you ever wear something like this? I do have to admit it exudes a slight hippie aura, but truthfully its so comfy and goes so well with multiple looks that I just can't make myself not wear it almost every other day.

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