Thursday, October 13, 2011

Missing him

Sometimes hubby goes hunting.
But never for this long.

This has made me a complete emotional wreck you'd be glad to not run into.
And he forgot to call me each night like he said he would.
Which made me even more depressed/sad/upset/lonely/worried/anxious.

Sometimes, more frequently than I'd like to admit, I burst into tears when, I saw couples holding hands, was asked when hubby would be back, was asked how I was doing, or was doing laundry.
And all this during the midterms week that I had five tests+an english paper due.

Most nights I'd try to comfort myself by having Adi sleep in his place. Except for last night when she peed on the bed and then puked by my head. At 3 AM. But I still love her.

Finally hubby called, and after I bawled, sobbed, cried, and hysterically tried to talk through tears hubby got the point that he shouldn't leave me alone for this long.
Especially when my car almost broke down twice, and I got yelled at a lot this week.
Maybe he'll remember that for next year's hunting season......

But probably not.

Sometimes after six long days of being away from my hubby, I get so excited about him coming home the next day that I can't fall asleep.

But always, I hate+loathe+despise hunting.

To infinity. And beyond.

The only cure for a mood like this is Steel Magnolias. I've watched it about four times this week.
Thank goodness hubby gets home tomorrow.

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