Wednesday, October 26, 2011

fall fashion for date night

About a week or so ago I decided to treat myself after an awful ten days of hubby gone hunting while I was stuck at home doing five midterms that week. These are the items I found online from Target, and might I say I love them, how they make me feel (sassy in case you were wondering), and how many compliments I got on them. Plus they were first worn in a holy place.

(Both The Oatmeal Wrap dress and Cheetah print stilettos were found at Target)

Love me a date night to the temple with the hubs! They don't happen often enough!

p.s. don't mind how the focal point is off in the bottom two pics. We're still working on that when Jer takes the photos.


Emily said...

Melissa you look so pretty!! Love the dress and shoes! So cute!

Alex said...

I love that dress! I seriously just went to to look at it. Sadly, Target's website is down... As for coming to visit, we have family coming the week of Nov 7, so any time after that week would be good for us! Let us know and we can make some fun (cheap) plans.