Saturday, October 29, 2011

Personalized Plate

Found this great idea like many from none other than Pinterest. Love that program, link, what is it technically? Anyways, like I promised I'm going to start giving step by step instructions but this one wasn't too hard at all.

What you'll need is...
a plain plate- I happened to have one lying around by they're plentiful and cheap from DI
an acrylic permanent pen- the only place I found one after a great deal of searching was Hobby Lobby. The brand is called painters.
masking tape or painters tape, just something that is easy to see and stick and restick
and lastly what you want to inscribe printed off from easy reference- I wrote our song on the plate which is 'Lucky' by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz

1. Make sure you're plate is CLEAN or else the marker won't stick.

2. rip a piece of tape long enough that is could go across the entire length of the plate and still have some hanging on the edges. You'll move the tape down every couple of lines. Its purpose is to help keep the writing straight.
3. start writing! The more scribbely, the cuter

4. if you make a mistake no worries, I just wiped any mistakes off quickly with my finger. Make sure to do it quickly though because it dried rather fast.
5. Let it sit in the sun or even the oven for a while (heat on of course) to help it cure.
6. display for all to see.

Happy Weekend!

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Mr.s W said...

super cute! I'd love to try it, but Morgan and I didnt have a song.