Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hawaiian Christmas I

So as many of you know we ventured far from home and sweet little puppy for two weeks to spend our Christmas holiday in glorious Honolulu, HI to visit my parents on their LDS senior couple mission. Since I took over 500 pictures, we of course will have to do some installments and since we did so many amazing things, I figured that would be easiest to break it down. Hope you enjoy!

We arrived late at night so it wasn't until morning that we got to see what a amazing view we would get to see each day

Our very first activity was going to see Pearl Harbor. Although it was so crowded and tourists were everywhere, the beautiful message and peace was still very potent. It's one of those things you just have to experience for yourself. Another check on the bucket list.

Many thanks to my sweet Aunt Kathy and Cousin Suzie for getting the tickets and coming along with my parents and us even though they had already gone about ten times themselves (Suzie and her husband Preston are stationed on Ford Island which is behind us in the picture above).

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Harley said...

i am jealous it looks beautiful and fun!