Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Happy

So as promised, I will post pictures of our fabulous trip to Hawaii, but first I figured I should give you the lowdown of our latest apartment. I don't know what we would have done without amazing family and friends to help this move be as little stress as possible. So thank you, you know who you are! With the help of some friends we got together our new apartment in about three days and with a lot of money later its basically home sweet home.

And per my NYR I have already made it very well known to Jared, friends, and family that unless someone dies, our apartment burns down, or other ABSOLUTELY extenuating circumstances that we will NOT be moving from this apartment for a year. I will redecorate, rearrange furniture, whatever to ease this itch that I have when I start to feel like its time for a change.

So to definitely 'set down roots' we decided to make the apartment as comfortable as possible, pulling out all the stops. Specifically because off the nature of our apartments' cheaper build and being older, it seeps heat out of every nook and cranny and especially the windows. Since the heater is to expensive to run constantly I took the plunge and spent a little over 200 smackers to put special heat retaining curtains on all five of the huge thin windows. Our first apartment ever putting in this much effort to make it our own. We will DEFINITELY be staying for a long long while.

They also are 'blackout' curtains. So we mainly keep them closed all the time except for a couple hours in the day so my plants can accomplish photo synthesis. Who knew that curtains could be so expensive?! But they do add some kind of ambiance to the atmosphere. A tasteful one? An expensive one for certain.

As of next thursday we will be back on track for Say What? and in the meantime I will put up pictures of our new apartment, latest fashion finds, and tell all about our glorious holiday trip to Honolulu, Oahu. Ah I miss the beautiful beaches and waves so much. But no worries, we brought sand back with us in luggage. And in my hair. And in any other possible orifice including my ears and nose.

Here's to new starts!

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