Friday, January 13, 2012

Name Changer

A lot of my married girlfriends joke around about how I got the short end of the stick when I got married because of the name I received. Smith, the second most common last name in the U.S. was extremely more common than Mills. Truthfully it made me feel kind of anonymous. When people discovered my last name they all respond, "Oh Smith, huh? That's really rare" or something like that. It's kind of become a running joke.  Most women when they get married take on a more unique last name, but not me.

Somehow though, it hasn't really mattered in the long run. And there are plenty of positives to having a common last name.

Top three I've come up with so far...

1. Now in classes where I was normally the only Mills, I now get to wait until almost the end of the roll and I don't really have to pay attention until I hear the first Smith because I'm normally the third or fourth.
2. When we're out to eat and a reservation for Smith gets called and no one responds we normally get up and take it. Definitely a perk. And no that isn't immoral or anything.
3. Whenever we go to Smith's grocery and we're checking out, if the clerk asks how we'd like to pay we say, "Hey we're somehow related to the people who own this place; I'm sure you can just put it on our tab." They don't normally find that one funny, but we do!

Jared also suggested naming our first son Wesson Smith as a pun from Smith & Wesson...but I shot that one down before he could finish his sentence.

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Katie A. said...

I love the smiths.......well you guys that is.