Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Colored Skinnies Project: What was I thinking?!

Sorry this has taken me SOOO long to post. I've just loved wearing these skinnies so its been hard to catch them when they're clean and when I have time to go take some photos in them. But here they are finally!

So this definitely may have been the craft project that went over my head...I had a couple mistakes but nothing serious. It just took all stinking week LONG. So all those cute trendy colored skinnies have been speaking to me in all these multiple store windows...but their price tags haven't. For ex.

Nordstroms BP $42

Gap $70

Express $65

I had really written off ever getting a pair because a married lady only working part time can barely make ends meet to afford the bills...but when I found a pair of corduroy pants at the Gap Outlet for only $7 the little cogs in my mind got turning. And then I found some perfect purple burgundy clothing dye at the store for only $3 so altogether with some added effort and work I got exactly what I wanted for a fraction of the cost and I love it just that much more because I made them myself!

So I started with these tan bootcut cords...

that I got at the Gap outlet for $6. The first step was dye-ing them because the fabric had to be pushed, stretched, and washed multiple times after dye-ing them.

I used dye I really liked the color of from Walmart for $3 making the total of my spent cost on this project under ten dollars. Go me! The next step i.e. issue was that I wanted skinnies and these were bootcut. The good news was that I had a pair of Gap skinnies from last year that I love, so I used them for a trace comparison to know where to sew the pant legs in.

And this is the end result...

After some practice shots and my husband yelling, "I hate this!" we got some good ones. I'll make a photographer out of him yet!


Alena said...

awesome. this is so awesome! and you look so pretty!!

Madeline said...

Awesome! I am so impressed.

I just bought a tripod and remote shutter release for my camera because Steve taking my pictures was NOT WORKING. It made us both so grumpy, and they never turned out. It was the best $50 I ever spent. In my life. :D

ashleynicole said...

how cool! How long did it take you, total? I really love them.