Friday, February 10, 2012

My type of romantic flowers

You know how its really typical for any special occasion like an anniversary, birthday, valentines, Christmas, new year's, etc. to receive a complimentary bunch of long-stem red roses? They make you so happy when you first get them, you get to clip the ends and put them in the with the special magic water enhancing powder to make them last longer. And then they still die after only a week at best. That's more depressing than how happy they actually made you when you got them.

At least it is sad for me. Maybe its because I feel like I don't like watching something die when I feel like I'm a healer, and a carer. So a little over a year ago I told my husband that I no longer wanted cut flowers, I would rather have a pretty potted flower or plant. Something living, something that I can care for and won't die.

With Valentine's coming up plus my birthday -hint hint Jer- here are my top five favorite beautiful potted plants that won't die on you a week after Valentine's.

Azalea-blooming indoor year long plant $16-$20

Kalanchoe-blooms from Oct to Mar $7-$10

Begonia-blooms year round 

Gardenia- blooms on and off $20-$30

Orchid- blooms in the right environment $5-$10 
Screams Zen. Everyone should have one. Unless you kill plants easy.

The one thing each plant has in common in this list is that they are easy to care for and do well in almost every environment. And plants make the air cleaner, and they are so much nicer to look at and last a lot longer than cut flowers!

Happy Valentines on Tuesday!


Amanda C. said...

I love gardenias. They smell amazing.

Chels said...

Tip for cut flowers- The water needs to be changed about every 2-3 days and the stems cut when the water is changed. :)