Friday, July 06, 2012

Wasatch Back Ragnar 2012

I apologize for it being so long since I posted about this, I just was still so emotionally raw from the experience I needed some time to gather my thoughts. Overall: I've never had so much fun running!!! It made all the months of training worth it, getting back into shape for the first time since High School. I honestly enjoyed myself so much, I've already signed up for Wasatch Back next year, and the Las Vegas Ragnar this year.

                 My first Ragnar Leg, 7.3 miles and as you can see it was a beast of an uphill run. Below was my afterward picture, and boy I look worn out!

 Which left me with this lovely present. Thank goodness it didn't hurt too bad on the other legs.

 Running my final leg of 7 miles straight downhill into Deer Valley.

My sweet wonderful husband brought my babies up to watch my cross the finish line at the end of my last leg completely my 20 something miles in 24 hr. period. And yes, I bawled when I crossed the line.

 So happy to be done!!! I can't believe I accomplished that mileage without DYING! And I can't wait for next Ragnar!!!

p.s. thanks so much to such a wonderful team and fun van! It wouldn't have been such a great experience without you guys to cheer me on!

Megan, Me, Kenzi, Breanne
missing Nick and Steve.

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