Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm technologically retarded...kinda

I'm not completely technologically retarded. It just takes me a while to figure out new things. Unfortunately Jared didn't figure that out before we got married. So he's stuck dealing with my frustrations when, "I swear I did it exactly like that five times and it didn't work!" kind of things.

So last week when Jared asked me why I didn't just take a screen shot of what was on my phone and send it to him, instead of insisting on having his phone so I could pull up the exact same web page, my response of "I don't know how to do that" left him wide eyed. I don't think it helped that I said that in front of a computer programer from our ward either - it must have embarrassed him or something.

But since then, I've learned how. Go me! Isn't it nice that we can still learn weird things? I'm sure I will be so far behind once I'm older and my kids are in their teens with the latest technology and programs that they have to run for me because I can't. Or something like that.

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