Sunday, July 21, 2013

20 Weeks

Week: 20

Weeks left: 20, halfway there!!!

Stretch marks: no change in this department and I hope it stays that way!

Bathroom breaks: more and more frequent. I think the baby is sitting (or jumping) on my bladder!

Sleep: getting a bit more difficult, with my waking up everyday during the week at 6:30-7am my body will NOT let me sleep in at all on the weekend which I hate. Also I get really easily overheated in the night so the dogs often get kicked off the bed if I'm too hot.

Cravings: bagels, every morning! Want to make me happy real quick? Asiago with plain shmear from Einstein's please and thank you.

Weight Gain: a little concerned about this one, I dropped 2 lbs. this past week which is nice but not good for baby I don't think.

Clothing: I definitely cannot wear my old clothes anymore. I'm starting to stretch out some of my shirts and so I've started investing more in maternity tops. Normally the plain t-shirts from Target.

Daddy: VERY excited about finding out the gender!

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