Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 19

Week: 19

Weeks left: 21, almost halfway!

Stretch marks: none yet. Mom never got any with me and since they're half genetic/hormonal I'm hoping I don't get any!

Bathroom breaks: every hour and fifteen minutes. Without fail.

Sleep: a full eight hours with only one potty call around 3am.

Cravings: Cafe Rio has been what the baby wanted this past week. Less salty foods than the beginning of my pregnancy.

Weight Gain: only 12 lbs. I'm very proud of this!

Clothing: definitely in maternity wear, not because I wanted to but it honestly is so much more comfortable than trying to fit into my old shirts and pants.

Daddy: is very excited for our first real ultrasound this upcoming Friday so he can see his baby. I don't think it's really sunk in yet for him.


Katie A. said...

well look at you! You look so cute! I can't believe you are that far along already!!! I am excited to find out what you are having!

Alena said...

beautiful, lady! So excited for you!