Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Halloween 2016

Hilton man learned to growl this year and delights in doing it to 'scare' people (and invisible monsters) all the time. We figured being a lion would be a perfect fit to show off his new skill. Instead he became a little bit of a cowardly lion while trick-or-treating because he was afraid things would jump out at him on the doorsteps at houses, but it was a fun time and I love seeing him so cute and into being dressed up...even if I did have to bribe him with candy to put on his costume.

Poor Graham was going to be a monkey, but he ended up napping through Halloween which was OK because it meant we got to have a bit more fun with Hilton

p.s. I'm not entirely sure why I had a stink eye in this photo, but we'll just say I was super excited to smile for the camera...either that or Jared was pulling some kind of shenanigans from behind the photo taker...

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