Thursday, November 03, 2016


So we've officially had two little men in our lives for a quarter of a year (it sounds longer than three months right?) and I wanted to write our experience so far with two so we remember it if ever we forget.

Two is hard. No joke. Two is also fun, no joke. Two has seriously made me have to up my multitasking and preparation game like no other. The baby is sleeping? Start lunch for Hilton. Hilton is napping? Feed Graham and get in the one chance of tummy time all day. Both children are napping? I have no clue what to do with myself other than walk around and try to get things done that I can't do when I have one child at my feet and another in my arms...or go to bathroom for the first time of the day and then watch some Netflix. I can't truthfully admit say how I use my time when both children are napping, I can only say it goes by very quickly.

Hilton still shows his love for Graham, and frequently asks to hold him. He is rather wary of Graham and afraid of hurting him I think, but as long as we assist he's happy to give loves and (soft) hugs and kisses to his brother. He's so sweet and tender with Graham - normally - and I can already tell he will be such a great big brother. Hilton also becomes very concerned when Graham is crying which is so tender, he always says, 'Mommy, baby Graham is crying, can I go give him his binkie?' or, 'Can I go get him Mom?' and he often likes to come into the nursery while I'm putting Graham down for a nap. He's learned to be very quiet and whisper when I'm putting Graham to sleep. Hilton will often go fetch Graham's binkie or blanket if I ask him, he got a little confused about which diaper he was supposed to get and brought me one of his instead but he really is such a sweet little helper for me.

Graham has learned that watching Hilton play is rather entertaining as long as Hilton doesn't get in a throwing-Legos-for-fun-while-giggling kind of mood. There's usually some collateral damage when Hilton gets hyper (also maybe why he's afraid of hurting Graham) but Graham loves cooing at Hilton and it's clear he tracks him from across the room. Graham I think will be the calmer of the two, he gets a really stunned look on his face when Hilton screams or squeals loudly and surprisingly doesn't react to Hilton's loudness. Graham usually jibber jabber's in his carseat and Hilton watches him closely which is so sweet. Hopefully car rides with two stays sweet!

As much work as having two so close together is, I've loved it and I think it will continue to get better and more rewarding as they get older. Especially once they can really start playing together. I'm excited to see what good brothers they will be in life, and I love to see how different their personalities already are. I hope they are ying and yang for each other and that they have each others backs.

This is Graham's confused face. 'Mom why do you have me still swaddled and are not holding me?' 

Sharing his toys with Graham. Such a sweet big brother!

Look at how Graham looks at Hilton! I just love it

Helping mom by getting the wipes

The first time Hilton requested to hold Graham after being home since the hospital. Hilton was a little scared initially, but I think having Graham smiling up at him really helped. Hilton now frequently says, 'I love you baby Graham'

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