Monday, November 07, 2016

Graham Robert: 3 Months

I cannot believe I no longer have a newborn! Good news is he is still squishy and loves being held so I get tons of cuddles and I love it. Even if he won't fall asleep on my chest anymore, he has to be rocked to sleep and I love it. Graham has definitely expressed his interest in the world and constantly wants to be held facing out or over your shoulder so he can see what is going on. Heaven forbid you stop moving for a period of time. The baby carrier has really come in handy, especially on Saturday's when chores still have to get done. He loves going on walks, mainly in the baby carrier instead of the stroller so that he can actually see where you are going. He's getting a little heavy for that though.

Of note poor baby Graham got two infected ingrown toenails on the inside of his big toes and they had to be extracted. I won't post pictures but it was completely the most traumatic experience of either of my children to date. They gave him a local anesthetic but I don't think it was really working so as they were cutting out the toenails and I was holding him in place he was just writhing and it was so hard to see him in so much pain. They are however better now and I'm hoping that they will grow back no problem. Thank goodness it happened when he was such a young baby and probably won't remember that experience.

Currently Graham:
  • Weighs 14.6 lbs
  • Wearing 6 month size clothing
  • Wearing size 2 diapers, but we're about to move him to size 3
  • Eats 3-3.5oz every 3 hours most days some days he is incredibly fussy and doesn't want more than 1-2 oz. every hour - we're figuring it out
  • Still waking up around 2-3am
  • No longer likes to be laying down for his baths
  • Still has eczema so I got special Aveeno lotion and baby wash for eczema which is helping
  • Hair loss has stopped thank goodness
  • Cradle cap got really bad and I had to start using Head and Shoulders once a week
  • Loves to talk and smiles whenever he is talked to
  • Is such a happy baby and we love having him in our family!
We've been so blessed with this little one, he is easy going for the most part and goes with the flow. He has gotten used to his crazy energetic brother and I think will be the calmer of the two although I'm sure they'll get into tons of mischief. And he's just so stinking adorable I just can't help myself. If all babies we're as good as Graham we'd have a million couple more of them.

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