Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Camping Men

Jared was determined that Hilton should have his first camping experience before it got too cold. So the last Saturday night of my maternity leave Jared bravely set up the tent, got all the blankets and sleeping bags set up and went out for a night under the stars with Hilton.

I quite seriously jokingly pointed out that I would enjoy the night from my warm tempur pedic bed and said I'd see them back in the house around 1am. But to my surprise Hilton lasted ALL night long! Poor Jared was awake most of the night but Hilton had a great time and they both came walking in at 7:30am saying it was a fun experience. Hilton even said he wanted to do it again, Jared however said they'd probably wait until next summer. I was so impressed to say the least and glad that they got to have a fun man bonding experience before life got turned upside down again with me going back to work.

I'm sure Jared looks forward to many fun scouts and young men's camping experiences now, I know he's going to enjoy having boys as they grow up. And I'm glad they get a dad that's so adventurous and who loves the outdoors!

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