Wednesday, December 15, 2010

pampering post finals

Don't you ever feel that you need to reward yourself after a tough day? Well, I had one of those days. Actually so far one of those weeks. The only thing that makes up for this week being finals is the Bing Crosby Christmas music on the radio and my new nails (:

I had a pretty long and rough day of studying+finals today and have been feeling pretty crappy all day long. My sweetie woke up every couple hours last night to check my temp. and see how I was doing...ahhhh. Aren't I lucky? I swear I haven't been sick this often consecutively in such a short period of time for years.

Anyways so after I finally got off campus after what felt like an eternity, Jer went with me to the nail salon so I could get some pampering done. And he let me listen to Christmas music in the car too. Nothing better then some time at the salon+your honey+happy music

The two together definitely did the job, I feel much better.

We will definitely both be very grateful when finals are over.

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