Friday, December 24, 2010

.snowed in.

Woke up this past Tuesday, on my way to visit my home health patients and walked outside to find this....

I was like, "Oh yeah, my car can totally handle this."

False. So very false.

I woke up hubby to help me shovel the driveway so I could get out onto the street, only to get stuck in the street. Yes, I got stopped by the whole EIGHTEEN inches that dropped Tuesday morn.

And I thought plowing in Bountiful was slow. Let's just say it took the springvillians over 12 hours to plow one strip down our street...and they never came back to finish it up, so for like two days I had trouble getting in and out of our driveway so I finally shoveled a path all the way into the street....sad? yes.

Happy Holidays!

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Mr.s W said...

awww man I'm sorry. that stinks!