Tuesday, December 07, 2010

.Thanks to give.

I had a couple friends ask why we didn't blog about anything thanksgiving related. I felt I should explain. Jared and I both worked almost every single day Thanksgiving break, including Thanksgiving day. And then to top it off I got the flu the night before Thanksgiving and woke up around 5 am Thanksgiving morning really nauseous and spent the whole morning by the toilet. We didn't really have a typical American Thanksgiving, and I didn't think my being flu-ish was worthy of noting. 

However, although we worked on Thanksgiving+both of us being sick (Jer had a nasty cold) we got to celebrate Turkey day with my parents the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We had our fill of turkey, stuffing, croissants, cranberry sauce, and homemade pie. 

And even though we didn't have a normal Thanksgiving, we certainly were still very grateful for many things in our lives including...

1. new jobs for both of us
2. sleeping in past ten
3. a couple of date nights
4. a warm home and cozy bed
5. pizza and skookies
6. each other :)

P.S. my getting the flu AFTER getting my flu shot just goes to show that they don't always work when you need them too.  

P.P.S. sorry if you were grossed out by this post. (:

P.P.P.S. don't be shy about posting on how this grossed you out. It will be something to amuse me as I start studying tomorrow for my ever looming finals ):

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