Tuesday, January 04, 2011

{New Years Resolutions}

Even though we weren't together NYE to make our new years resolutions together, we both have some big ones. This year I don't want to fail at mine like I normally do. And what better way to have people informed so they can motivate me other than the blog? SOoo I figured it would be a great idea to let you all know that....


     1. I want to only work a little over 20 hours a week. The last two months of 2010 I was working about 45, almost 50 hours a week between my three jobs. And it was killing me.
     2. I (as always) want to do stellar on my grades this semester. That's going to mean lots of dedication and studying.
     and my big one this year....

     3. I want to train and run a 5K by my birthday (March 28th) and a 10K by the end of the year.

I have never run a race in my life, and I'm kinda afraid. I just bought some winter gear so I can run outside because I hate tracks so hopefully it will all work out. Any advice? Suggestions? Motivational tips?


     1. Wants to get in shape.
     2. Start building a better savings.
     3. Do well in school

and of course....

     4. Go fishing more (He didn't say that, but I know its true.)

This year has been an amazing year for us (a lot to do with getting married), and we want this next year to be just as wonderful. No we have absolutely no family plans except to spend more time together, and to be better about weekly dates and more weekend getaways.

Happy 2011!!!


Ute Family said...

Yay! Another fellow runner! Training for a 5k and 10k will be a piece of cake! What people find out is that either they love running or they don't! But you can't make your decision until after you run your first race! There's just something about crossing that finish line and having everyone cheering for you that is just so amazing! It's definitely a rush and you'll for sure want to do it again.
I love running and I could go on forever! What I've come to find over the years is if you take care of your body (a good warm up, good stretch and good cool down and stretch) your body (knees especially) will last a lot longer! I have horrible knees now due to not stretching properly. Anyway, a wonderful training program is http://www.jeffgalloway.com/
try him...he's awesome. A bunch of us are running the Salt Lake 5k/half in memory of my dad...you should do it!
Anyway, sorry to ramble on and on! You guys need to come up and hang...it's been too long since we've seen you!

Landon & Lexie said...

Melissa, Here is the link to where I bought my headboard.


If you want a different color you can pay about $20 and get it here too...


It is just a headboard so as long as you have a bed frame to attach it too you are good to go! Hope you find one!

Mr.s W said...

yay for goals! you can do it!