Wednesday, January 26, 2011

.Perfect night out.

Over a month ago my honey told me to request off this past Sunday at all my jobs. I spent the whole month wondering...what were we going to do?

Surprise surprise, Jer took me to see the penguins at Living Planet Aquarium (we've been wanting to do it for months)...


(14 ft. Anaconda)

...and then to a Ballet showcase at U of U

For those of you that don't know Jer, this is a BIG DEAL. He isn't into those kinds of things. Like, really not into them. And he had remembered me mentioning I wanted to go to a ballet a long time ago, so he planned an awesome date night revolving around going to a ballet.

Afterwards we headed to Aristo's in SLC which was all amazing greek food. 

Overall a perfect night out.

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Katie A. said...

I love your hair Melissa! It's gorgeous!