Thursday, September 29, 2011

Say What?: Nails

So I have really been wanting to start doing a medical fact post each week, mainly because there are so many crazy new health facts that come out in the news that are important to be aware of as they aren't normally something your doctor tells you about. And as someone in the health field, they are completely fascinating. So I decided that I want to start doing this each week. You of course can avoid them, but I intend for the information to be important new findings that really do impact your health, and especially directed towards women since well that's mostly who I feel reads this blog (but no offense to the male population who do as well, we love to have you visit as well). So here goes.

"UV nail dryers are most often used to 'cure' gel nails, but they're also used to harden some acrylic nails and traditional polishes", which can lead to, "women ha[ving] cancer on the backs of their fingers".

Earlier this week quickly announced on the radio, was this study which discussed the link between women who frequent the nail salon, and skin cancer. The last thing that I'd ever think of when going to get a set of fake nails would be skin cancer. Damaging my nails, yes. But cancer? No. It actually rather scared me. After doing some research into it, I got even more scared about going to get my nails done when I read this article regarding skin cancer on your cuticles. "Getting a manicure can harm it [matrix] if the equipment isn't sterilized. And when a drill is inserted under the cuticle to smooth it, the matrix cells can be ground up so badly that they cannot regenerate. Nail sculpture chemicals can also drip down into the matrix, causing damage.  'When the matrix cells are damaged, they may never grow properly again, and the nail will always be deformed'", which ultimately, can lead to skin cancer as well.

Um hi, who knew that getting fake nails could be so risky? So yes, you can skip the UV hardeners at the end of your manicure or pedicure, but what about when they grind down your nails, which can permanently deform your nails? That's not the first thing your doctor warns you about if he sees you have fake nails on.

So obviously, not everyone is going to get skin cancer from the UV lights, and its probably really rare to have your nails permanently damaged from one trip to the nail salon, but what if that is your way to pamper yourself? If you go every month? What about twice a month? Every week? I will openly admit I love getting my nails done, along with almost all other women. Maybe in a year I go three or four times, in comparison to some sweet ladies I know who go almost 24 times a year. And I rarely use those UV dryers, but what if it only takes one time to damage your nails permanently?

Is it worth it? That's up to you, but read these articles fully to educate yourself so you can pick wisely who will do your nails if you want them done. And skip the UV dryers at the end of your nail visit. They just aren't worth it!

p.s. along with the increasing possibility of skin cancer from using the UV lights, and permanently damaging your nails, you can also get fungal infections from unsterilized equipment, and it takes months to grow out your nails after fake nails. To me, that really tips the scale to doing my own nails at home. Plus its a whole bunch cheaper.

p.p.s. the whole segment of Fighting Skin Cancer that was on Good Morning America is online here.


I hope you'll let me know what you think of this all, and if you like this new weekly occurance.

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