Friday, April 20, 2012

A jingle of an issue

Well, its official. Finals this semester - especially my 30 page Anthropology final - took their toll. The first half hour right after my final final, I misplaced my phone...somewhere. No clue where. Have I lost my mind totally? It feels like it. Guess I'll be out of the loop until we get to Honolulu and get a new phone. It's refreshing and hard all at the same time to be without my quick connection to the world. 

Goodbye hated HTC, hello iPhone!

P.S. has anyone tried any of those nifty GPS apps that are can help locate lost phones? After this experience I will be downloading that app first and foremost on my new phone.

P.P.S. any other highly suggested app's that are worth the effort? I'm all ears...I mean fingers.

1 comment:

Katie A. said...

I really like gasbuddy! It tells you gas prices of all the gas stations in the area and helps you find the cheapest gas! It is neat!