Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Heaven sent spring

With this completely radical weather from warm weather that resembles summer to snow in the past two weeks, the poor flora of Utah is slightly confused. But thank goodness the snow didn't ruin the neighborhood cherry blossom trees. I run under them each morning and they are just a heavenly sight and smell! I go three blocks out of my way just to run underneath them. Do you have something you look forward to in your workouts like my blossom trees?

But the good news that accompanies the beautiful spring blossoms is that is in now safe weather to wear white again. White is the new black after all.

With all this fashion craze of neon and pastel colored pants everywhere, all I wanted was some great white skinnies. White pants will still be cutting edge lasting through the fashion whirlwind, while I'd bet my two front teeth these neon pants will be a fashion taboo in a year or so. Oh heaven, I love spring. It's definitely my favorite because of the flowers coming to life, peep toed sandals with pedicures, and breaking out the short sleeve shorts. Don't go away too soon spring!

P.S. These white skinnies were only TEN BUCKS from H&M. Another reason to add to the list of why I love that store.

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