Monday, April 23, 2012

It's time

...for what? Now that finals are over and only a lazy dog to occasionally entertain, I have NOTHING to do. I feel lost. Like someone without a purpose. Of course, I'm currently turning a blind eye to the dishes in the sink and the laundry waiting for be folded.

Well start working out more of course! My brand spanking new Nike+ SportBand came in the mail yesterday and I've had lots of fun trying it out. Its not that shmancy GPS tracking watch, but it does measure my runs and that's all I need for now. So far I've done about two miles each day, and I'm trying to add on a bit at a time. It may sound silly to all those intense runners out there, but I'll get there!

 Do I look like a ripe tomato? That's right, I got burned after only a half hour in the sun! Better now than in Hawaii.

I officially signed up (paid the dues and everything) for a 5K in May, and a 10K in July. The goal is to ramping it up for a marathon next spring. That's the long term goal and I'm pushing for it! Go me!

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