Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Raising the bar: Ragnar

I previously told you all about my goals to run a 5K in May and a 10K in July. Well I recently (last night) signed up for a beast of a race that is sure to be a blast! Although I'll have to juggle making an appearance at my friends wedding, and my own 2nd anniversary it will all be worth it. I'm looking forward to this two day twelve person relay race, of which I'm runner three.

If I'm going to make a goal, I might as well go for the gold right? Here's to training my heart out!

P.S. Workout wednesday training tip (WWTT): eat protein right after you work out, making sure that you don't eat anything right before your workout.  This will ensure that your body recovers quickly vs. overloading your blood-sugar levels and then crashing later if you eat carbohydrates post workout.


Ute Family said...

Wow, that is definitely stepping it up! Good for you. I'm doing Ragnar as well (I'm runner 2) so maybe I'll bump into you! My SIL is runner 3. It's a good runner to be. The 1st two legs are really easy. It's that last one that might be a bit of a doosy! Good luck training!!! I'm sure you'll do GREAT!

ashleynicole said...

Awesome, good luck! Relays are fun because you have a team cheering for/with you the whole way :)

Ute Family said...

HOLD UP! I went back and looked up my ragnar papers and I'm RUNNER 3 as well!!!! Hopefully our runners 1 and 2 run the same pace so we can see each other during our legs!!! P.S. I'm scared to death of leg 27 that we have to do! P.S.S. I hate slow inclines and that's what we're getting on the first 2 legs! This is going to be AWESOME (slight sarcasm)!

Have fun in Hawaii!!