Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Small Explosion

occurred at our house today. Our heater is an older gas driven heater and the pilot light often gets blown out accidentally so we have to relight it. Well before I got ready to go to work I felt it was just to darn cold in the apartment (a balmy 65° and dropping) so I wanted to get it relit.

Long story short I did it wrong and next thing I knew there was a flame ball exploding in my face and the smell of something burning. Jared rushed over when he heard me scream, and asked if I was OK and started pulling bits of curled white something off my head. I realized it was my burned hair! Once the damage was assessed my eyebrows were essentially gone, my eyelashes are halfway gone, and I now have a nasty widow's peak at the start of my part and a small bald patch.

White ends on both my eyelashes and eyebrows are burned parts

See the white curls? Yeah that's my burned hair. Check out that bald patch at my part!

Looks like lots of mascara, eyebrow liner, and thick headbands to cover the evidence for a couple weeks until it grows back. As the hubs said, "way to take one for the team! At least the heater is now on". He was of course joking (kind of). I was honestly very lucky it didn't make the whole house explode and my face didn't really get burned at all except my forehead a little. I have now learned my lesson about matches and gas.

Please tell me I'm not the only person whose ever done something so stupid as this?

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