Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Smith's Christmas 2012

We had a lovely Christmas, and hopefully you did too. We got up early and helped the dog's open their stockings and then opened up ours. My gifts were all picked out by myself, Jared just wrapped them so I wasn't expecting any surprises but he never fails to do a surprise gift on Christmas morning.

Aspens angry bird toy

an SR22 to be my concealed carry once I take the class 

After we finished our own little family Christmas gift opening, we went up to my parents for our traditional Christmas morning luncheon of egg's Benedict and Wassail and exchanged gifts. I got not only a new Dyson vacuum but also a wonderful jewelry box. Afterwards went to see Les Miserables. Honestly I was only semi impressed by the movie but maybe that's because I wasn't comfortable and I had to go to the bathroom twice. There were some wonderful moments but a lot of watch checking dullness as well.




Afterwards we hurried to the Smith's house and had Christmas dinner. I made my amazing Cherry Pie and we exchanged our white elephant gifts then watched Brave. I forgot to bring my camera to the Smith's, so I have no pictures of the Smith side darn it.

  Delicious looking huh?

Overall a wonderful day, and I surprised Jared with quite a few things we was not expecting at all including Black Ops 2 and some blue suede shoes. He's going to be the best looking date ever!

P.S. it's totally crazy to believe that this is Jared and I's FOURTH Christmas together! Where has time gone?

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