Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa came early

with THE BEST gift ever to a woman whose lived in an apartment for far too long!  Jared and I both loathe doing the dishes, and its been a constant source of fighting since the day we said, 'I do' in regards to whose turn it is to do them. We actually even had a neighbor from our first couple months of marital life suggest we get a countertop dishwasher but we just waved her off. However after 2 and 1/2 years since we got married (crazy its actually been that long) and all that time having to do the dishes by hand, I finally said enough. After lots of research into countertop vs. portable dishwashers I found that the most reliable/liked/recommended machine was this beaut. It's even EnergyStar rated!

So as an early Christmas present from my parents+myself, I ordered it and yesterday it arrived in all its glory. I set it up today and did my first load. Let me tell you, I am in love! Complete and utter adoration for this machine that eliminates my time being spent in front of the sink.

 the boxing, almost as tall as my kitchen table!

Which Aspen of course made into a new play-toy immediately

So far absolutely no regrets, in fact I'm seriously wondering why we didn't listen to others advice and get one sooner. Either way now that I'm done with classes at BYU (only online courses to finish now) I'm basically just a workin' gal while Jared still has school PLUS work, which means by default I'm now responsible for all the chores. Let's be honest though, that's kind of how it was before....just kidding honey. Anyways, now I can concentrate on more important things and our dishes will actually be sanitized and squeaky clean. Thinking about getting one? It's definitely worth the money if you foresee apartment living for the next couple years!


ashnicole said...

Awesome!! I seriously want one so bad, it's crazy how many dishes accumulate in just ONE day! Maybe in a couple months when we aren't spending money out of our ears we will get one :) thanks for the post, I now have something to look forward to!

Katie A. said...

I don't know how I lived without my dishwasher! Doing dishes was such painful thing for me. But now that I have one, it's like....Oh I have fifteen minutes before I have to go? I will just hurry and throw some dishes in the dishwasher and Bam! Done like that! I also like the whole Sanitizing thing!