Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell twenty-twelve

Some amazing things we did:
Went to Hawaii TWICE to visit my parents
Got a second puppy and haven't regretted it at all (except for potty training)
Got a new car-love our Jetta TDI-along with the car payment
Found a piano a new home in our family room

Some things we weren't expecting to do:
Both left the medical field after many years of employment
Both got new secure and satisfying jobs
Both got promoted to higher responsibility jobs

Some things we didn't accomplish this year and want to next year:
Buy a house
Join the military
Do more outdoors activities- camping, hiking, fishing, shooting, cliff jumping
Get and stay healthy-get in shape and no ER visits like this year

Here's to 2013, and may it full of many many other great things for our family!!!

p.s. also get new family pictures taken-these are from 2011!

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