Wednesday, June 08, 2011

{HappyEverAfter} ch. I

For those that have been waiting so patiently, thank you for the wonderful responses to the first part:

Ch. I

When I came back from college I had had a beginning life crisis because my high school dreams of becoming a lawyer had been dashed by my international relations class, and realizing that I REALLY wasn't cut out for that kind of stuff. 

I spent a quite a couple weeks being the lazy girl who sun tanned on her back porch, who went walking each morning with a couple of my best friends from high school telling them 'this summer was just about focusing on me', and daydreamed about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was really determined to not be in a relationship this summer, and to not let myself get sucked into a boy. I had just dumped a crappy boy and I wanted this summer to be about discovering what I wanted out of life. To grow up a bit. All the while with Erica's advice in the back of my mind.

During this time I took a religion class at the BYU salt lake center and fed my spiritual self by doing what I was supposed to be doing like praying, reading my scriptures, etc. One specific day, we were talking about prayer and the Professor said something to the affect of, "at times when you're feeling stagnant, not only do you need to start listening to the spirit to know what you should do, but you should also specifically be praying and acting to find the answer whatever it may be."

The more I tried to forget about finding the right guy the more I felt that I really wanted to find that significant other. I felt deep down that if I truly did want to chose to start seriously searching for that person and that was what I should be doing, that the Lord would help me do that whether that was in a couple months or a couple years. And so I prayed. I don't remember exactly what I said, but I do remember specifically asking to be directed to that one particular person who would help me become the best I could be, and who be a good fit to me if that was what I should be doing.

A week later in class I was aware of this singles activity that was going on immediately following class. I tried really hard to focus on the lesson, and I kind of succeeded. But I just could not get the thought out of my head that I should go. It was on the way home, it was the perfect timing, yada yada. It made sense to go. But it wasn't so much that I couldn't get it out of my mind, but that I just felt this impulse to go. Like there was something that I needed to go for. Maybe it was destiny, or maybe it was just because the lesson that day was on being in the right place at the right time. Who knows, but I still went.

Upon arriving at the park, I found the food table and then saw someone from the relief society that I recognized as Michelle who I started chatting with. Once we were done eating there were games and activities going on below the pavilion that were open to anyone who wanted to play. We didn't necessarily want to play, just merely see who was there. On our way down the stairs Michelle turned to me and said, "there are a couple of guys in particular that I want you to meet".

We hit the bottom of the stairs right near the edge of the volleyball court where a group of people had collected. There were a couple of guys watching the game with their backs turned to us. One with a black baseball cap and khaki pants on was watching the game intently but turned smoothly to Michelle's greeting and simply smiled.


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Loving this I heart My Hubby series. It's so nice to hear how two good people met and fell in love!

In other news, I have nominated you for an award over at my blog. Enjoy!

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