Thursday, June 30, 2011

goal review

Sorry guys I haven't had a ton that is blog worthy of late, and I'm still working hard on my photography that explains the lack of my submitting to photography contests. Tomorrow I shall entice you with the next part of 'our story'. But until then I have been taking note of the progress of the goals I set for myself on my twenty first birthday. Especially since a couple days ago was the three month mark since I set the goals. 

Like everyone in life, I've experienced some set backs since I set my goals
A couple that I'm kinda mad at myself for not doing are:

1. go and continue going to a chiropractor
2. start going on walks with my hubby each week
3. go back to not drinking carbonated drinks as much

all of these I have found excuses to do -like drinking carbonated drinks because they are a 'comfort food' - and to not do like Jer and I not going on regular walks because we never have enough time together anyways.

But I need some positive reinforcement so three good things that I've succeeded at so far are:

1. keep my garden pots alive -I have actually gotten a couple more because my first two were so successful.
2. get a puppy -best decision so far of our entire marriage besides marrying Jared. Adi brings so much joy and de-stressing to both of our lives all the messes and poop we clean up completely inconsequential.
3. stop eating out as much -since working 8-5 mon-fri I have started being extremely responsible by taking lunch from home. I have opened up about twenty dollars more a week that can go to other things instead of to Cafe Rio's pocket book.

I am however now going to amend #1 of my goals which was to go to yoga each week. Not only is this one of the goals I started failing at because I wasn't willing to spend fifty dollars each month, but I also don't have the time for it. After just relying on my twelve hour shifts at work to help me obtain all my exercise, I have now realized that gaining ten pounds and not being able to comfortably sit down without pulling up my pants over my roll around my midrift. Tmi? I'm sure other girls have the same issue so I'm not to worried that I'm the only one with some unwanted weight.

So, I have broken out the all popular 'Jillian Michael's 30 day shred'. 

And it kicks my butt, which is totally enough for me.

So until tomorrow, what fun activities are you doing for your fourth of July weekend? Since our first fourth of July being married was spent by me working a sixteen hour shift we haven't really made any fun traditions. And I'll take any fun ideas I can get. 



ashnicole said...

Yep, I just pulled my pants over my little pooch too HAHA. I'm glad that I'M not the only one! You guys should go swimming, or have a little bbq. For sure some fireworks! Are you going to eaglewood on saturday?

Lacey said...

a fabulous free way to get in yoga is through I do it simply because I take after my dad and have no flexibility what so ever, but I've actually really enjoyed it.